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Hunt Basics

We offer elk hunts in Southwest Idaho for short range weapons such as archery, muzzle loader and shotgun with slugs.

In 1956, due to a surplus of elk in Yellowstone National Park, the U.S. Government started selling wild elk to private individuals. Since that time the elk have been bred for horn size and mass and body size.

A number of years ago, after months of shopping the various herds in the west, we purchased what we felt were the best.

Our elk are fed organic grass, fresh hay and whole oats daily. You will not eat better wild game anywhere, and it is much better for you than beef or pork.

Our herd bulls' horns scored about 450 last year on the Boone & Crockett score. They have a live weight of 550lbs. The cows have a live weight of about 400lbs. When field dressed, the meat you take home is about 60% of live weight.

One of our popular hunts includes a 2.5 mile ride on horse back to camp, which is a wall tent with a sheep herder stove. We furnish bedding and Dutch Oven meals for 1 to 3 nights.


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